Many of our customers, old and new, rightly ask us what will change this year, so we want to communicate it to everyone, to inform and reassure.

In the town commercial activities, public places, markets, are normally open.

On the beach you will find more space around your umbrella, great accuracy in cleaning and sanitizing rooms and equipment. You will also find the same services as always, games for children, playgrounds etc …

So what changes? The few rules that we all know and already apply, of the distance of 1 meter and the use of a mask in closed environments and close to others.

In hotel, we follow and apply ministerial directives to keep all rooms sanitized and safe, and all the staff use protective devices in accordance with the law. An important thing about the restaurant service !! we will not fail to spoil you as always. At the buffet you will choose as always whatever you want with the opportunity of being assisted and served by the staff. The tables will obviously be spaced according to legislation.

But above all remember .. the sun, the sea, even this summer will be even more beautiful! here in Cervia, here at the Hotel California !!

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    48015 Tagliata di Cervia (RA)
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